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Game Ladders | Order
VPchat Game Ladders are a way to rank VPchat's best game players. They're called Ladders because the system is based on the principle of rungs -- winning games moves you up the rungs of the Ladder, and losing games moves you down.

Game Ladders provide rankings for members and a robust Tournament system that accommodates single elimination, double elimination, round robin, and Swiss rules for up to 256 players.

Private Alerts | Order
VPchat’s Private Alerts allow you to notify subscribers and friends about anything and everything as often as you'd like.* The content of your alerts is entirely up to you. You can send an alert to your subscribers whether or not they’re online.

You can choose to list your Private Alerts in a directory in our members area. You can let anyone join your list, or you choose to approve who joins your list.

* Send up to 1 per 2 minutes.

Email Forwarding | Order
Wouldn’t it be great to keep in touch with your VPchat pals no matter what email service you use? With VPchat’s Email Forwarding, you can create a unique VPchat email address (chat_name@vpchat.com) and receive VPchat mail at the email address of your choice.

Extra Web Storage | Order
If you need more space to create your VPchat member page, we’ve got it. You can buy extra storage for your VPchat member page in 100MB increments.

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