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VPchat Build 180
Updated February 2, 2005 | Release Notes

Update April 21, 2007 - Windows Vista version.

System Requirements

Size: 6.76 Megabytes
Please Note: The installer for Build 180 includes all regular games and the Megahead Program. You may additionally want to download Mega Backgammon, Mega Yahtzee, and
Mega Acey Deucy below.

How to Use Your Free Trial
1) Download and install our free chat software.
2) Start up the VPchat program.
3) Pick a name and Go!
Chat as a Guest Help
VPchat is a subscription service, but you can chat free for two weeks. There’s no credit card required, and no strings attached.

Optional downloads Apr 21 2007

VPchat Lite
VPchat Build 180 only 2.4M
(No games included. Games may be installed separately.)

VPchat for Vista
VPchat Build 181. This version is built specially for Windows Vista users who may have troubles with the regular VP version. If you're not having problems don't bother downloading this one, since it has the same features as VP 180.
(No games included. Games may be installed separately.)

Halsoft MegaHead Program
Download MegaHead (v2.9) Size: 225K
(Here's a quick MegaHead tutorial)
MegaLap (v1.0)
Trihook (v1.1)

Games Downloads Updated September 10, 2004 | Release Notes
New! Spades
New! Mega Acey Deucy (v1.0.1) | Acey Deucy (v1.0.1)*
Mega Backgammon (v2.11) | Backgammon (v2.11)*
Mega Yahtzee (v2.8) | Yahtzee (v2.8)*
Battleship (v2.1)
Checkers (v2.1)
Chess (v2.1)
* Note: The regular and Mega versions of Backgammon and Yahtzee are compatible with one another, but only one version may be installed at a time.

Backgammon Tournament Edition (v2.11.2)

The Tournament Edition is not compatible with other versions of Backgammon. Both players must have the TE to play.
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