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Build 181, April 2007

Special build for Windows Vista users, otherwise has the same features as Build 180.

Build 180, February 2005

Improvements to make the program more resistant to malicious "boot" programs.

Build 179a, November 2004

No change to the VP program, but the games included with the package were updated (AceyDeucy, Backgammon, and Spades).

Build 179, September 2004

  • You can now save identity information (including your choice of avatar) for each name, and for each community. When you sign in, your avatar and identity will be automatically updated. For example:
    • If you use two different names in vpchat.com, the program will remember which avatar and identity to use with each name.
    • If you use the same name in vpchat.com and vpadult.com, the program will remember which avatar and identity to use for each community.
  • The un-install program will now remove all old game versions when you un-install the VP program.
  • The latest game versions are included in the installer package.
  • Bug fix - the personal avatar gallery folder was sometimes wrong, the first time you ran the program.
  • Bug fix - sometimes you might see a message from the Buddy List program about changing communities, when all you did was change rooms.

Build 177, July 2004

  • New generic/guest avatar (ban avatar baghead is the same)
  • Yellow "tours" button replaced with "games" button
  • Top Help menu renamed VPchat Help
  • Observer 2-person icon removed
  • When navigating from within a game/megahead, room change defaults to room tab
  • "Stolen server" glitched fixed - shouldn't see it when logging into VPchat any more :p
  • Can now autolaunch VPchat after installation
  • Guest name automatically cut to 20 characters rather than failing when a long name is entered
  • New "something to say" button when an event is in progress
  • New sound preference - separate on/off controls for conference and regular IMs
  • Right click on avatar - menu changed from "Add to chat tracker" to "Add to Buddy List"

Build 175, December 2003 | Games Release Notes

  • "Ignore" function added to Chat Tracker. The VP chat program has long had an "Ignore" feature so you can block messages from anyone you don't care to listen to, however our Chat Tracker buddy list program did not have this feature. It has a "Who Can See Me" feature that you could use to prevent your name from showing up in someone else's buddy list, but it didn't block their messages if sent from the chat program. Now, the "Who Can See Me" feature blocks messages too. You set it up and add or remove names from the list just like before, but now it works better :-) Also, messages are blocked if you are in "Hidden" mode.

    The Chat Tracker program is bundled with the VP chat program, so a single download will update both.

Build 174, November 2003

  • Avatar size problem fixed. Regular avatars show as 48x64 in rooms, and 48x62 in identity box. This was reversed in all older builds.
  • Blue avatar outline removed.
  • Movable Megas. VPchat Megaheads, including VPchat game Megaheads, can be moved around a room.
  • "Launch Buddy List" button replaced "Launch Chat Tracker" button.
  • Guests now receive message explaining that Buddy List is a member feature.
  • Keyboard focus set correctly when entering from Observation.
  • Games menu now shows a "Get Games Here" item linking to games download page.
  • vpchat.exe and the download package are signed with a digital signature.
  • My Account button and Help menu now go to correct places.
  • Better unique identification for guests.
  • Animated logo weirdness fixed for Win 98/ME.
  • Failed login attempts now navigate to login page.
  • Client automatically reports version number at login.
  • Client automatically navigates to sign up page when guest client expires.
  • "Virtual" now spelled correctly in installer.

Build 172, September 2003

  • The program was given a makeover, with all new graphics and colors.
  • Guest sign-in feature was added.

Build 171, August 2003

  • Added Large File Send. File send works the same as it always has, but now when you send a file that's over 128k, you create a peer-to-peer connection with the other chatter and can exchange files of any size.
  • Added an emoticon button next to the gesture button.
  • Ability to run multiple instances of vpchat is now on by default.

The preferences dialog box is now organized more sensibly. New preferences include:

  • Option to view chat text in a larger point size
  • Option to turn off chat bubbles that appear when you start to type
  • Ability to turn off gestures (you won't see the animations or the text in the chat pane)
  • Ability to include a time stamp on each line of text

Build 170, March 2003

  • Added peer-to-peer Voice Chat
  • Added Permanent Ignore.
  • Added Additional protection from booters

Build 165i

  • Clickable web links in the message text are now underlined to make them easier to see. Also https links are clickable now.

Build 165h

  • FTP Tunneling added. This is a checkbox in the Community Servers window. If you use FTP Tunneling then your VP program connects to the server using the FTP port (21) instead of the standard VP port (1533). Why does this matter? Sometimes network firewalls are set up to only allow specific ports, and 1533 may not be one of them. If it's not easy or possible for you to change the firewall, you can try using the FTP port instead - since FTP is usually allowed by firewalls.
  • IM windows can be resized (stretched) horizontally.
  • If there is a clickable URL in an IM window, and the URL is long so that it wraps to the next line, it won't work correctly when clicked. The solution is to stretch the window wider so that the URL fits on one line.
  • The Tracker IM windows now support Emoticons.
  • Many bug fixes since build 165G.

Chat Client

  • Emoticons When you type characters like :-) they are automatically translated into an image such as a "smiley face". If you don't like this feature you can turn it off in the Preferences menu.
  • Show User Enter/Exit in Chat Window. When members enter the room, their entry, along with a time stamp shows in the main window. When you first enter a room, you receive a listing of all members present in the main window. This is a preference, and the default is set to On.
  • Show IMs when in Ignore mode. When you set your preference to Ignore IMs, you can now choose to show IMs anyway. If someone sends you an IM when this preference is selected, they will still recieve your "not accepting IMs" message, but you'll see the contents of their message in an IM window. This is a preference, and the default is set to Off.
  • Anti-Pairing. You can choose to prevent other members from linking their avatars to you. When they try, their avatar bounces away. This is a preference, and the default is Off.
  • Sounds in Instant Messages. You can choose to hear a sound when you receive an IM. You can use any .wav file you have on your computer. This is a preference, and the default is On.
  • Persistent Ignore. When you place someone on ignore, their chat text and IMs are ignored for the duration of your chat session, regardless of how often they log out and log back in.
  • Right-click Delete for Avatars and Gestures. When you call up your avatar gallery using "Edit Identity," you can select an avatar and control-right-click to delete it. Likewise, when you call up the gesture pallette, you can point to any gesture and control-right-click to delete it.
  • More profile information. When you click on someones avatar or name and click "Identity", you'll see a Profile button. If you click it you will see information about that user that they've entered into the Halsoft Member Directory.
  • Megahead Preferences On by Default. The preferences that let you view Megaheads in chat and in your avatar gallery are now On by default.
  • MP3 Gestures. You can now play gestures with MP3 files. A gesture maker for MP3 gestures is coming soon.
  • Multi-instance VP. With the correct enhancement, you can open more than one instance of Chat at the same time. You'll need to edit your .ini file: go to Program Files > vplaces and double click on the vplaces.ini file. Double click on it. It will open in notepad. Under [settings] type a new line: Multiinstance=1
  • Reconnect. The file menu now contains a link that lets you reconnect to the Halsoft servers.


  • Tracker Works in the Adult Community. Need we say more?
  • Halsoft Chat Tab. You now have access to your account, web page, profile, and referral bonus via this tab. These links are set server-side, so they may change.
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