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Product Features > Product Overview

The VPchat software offers so much more than simple text chat. You can check it out for free with our two-week, no obligation trial, and enjoy automatic access to a wealth of extra features you won’t find on other chats. VPchat client screenshot

Here are the features available with VPchat:

  • Game Ladders (Add-On): Game Ladders provide rankings for members and a robust Tournament system that accommodates single elimination, double elimination, round robin, and Swiss rules for up to 256 players.
  • Chat Chits: Chat Chits are the currency of VPchat. You accrue Chits when you sign up for a new account, purchase an add-on or win an event.
  • Private Alerts (Add-On): Private Alerts allow you to send alerts to subscribers and friends about anything and everything as often as you'd like.
  • Email Forwarding (Add-On): With Email Forwarding, your chat name becomes a unique VPchat email address. Mail sent to your VPchat email address gets forwarded to another email address of your choice.
  • Extra Web Space (Add-On): If you need more space for your VPchat web page, we've got it. You can buy extra storage in 100MB increments.
  • Games: Like to play games like Backgammon or Yahtzee and chat? Check out our online, multiplayer chat games.
  • Gestures: Gestures are customizable mini-animations you can send to the entire chat room.
  • Tours: Chat with your friends and tour the web at the same time.
  • Home Pages: Want to create your own home page? VPchat members automatically receive free web space.
  • File Transfer: Need to trade files with your best VPchat pal in Guam? Members can transfer large files, like family pics, with file exchange.
  • Activity Alerts: Activity alerts are mass instant messages for your favorite activities.
  • Voice Chat: Free long-distance or voice chat? You decide.
  • Chat Rooms: Catch up with friends and meet new ones. We have chat rooms for all ages and interests.