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Provide a superior online chat experience, free of trouble makers and advertising, supported by paid subscriptions.

Virtual Places Chat (VPchat) is brought to you by the Halsoft team. We are scattered around the world in places like Australia, Canada, Israel, and Italy, but our home base is Austin, TX.

The company was founded in 2001 by Tom Lang and Julie Gomoll.

Tom has 25 years experience in the computer industry, most recently at Excite.com where he was Principal Engineer/Scientist in charge of design, development, and operation of chat and instant messaging systems. Prior to joining Excite he was co-founder of an Internet Service Provider. He has been involved with several other Internet start-up companies and also held technical and management positions at IBM and Dell Computer.

Julie founded Go Media, a design and development firm, and had been running it for 9 years when Excite acquired it in 1996. She was Director of Product Development for Excite Communities and managed the Austin Office for 3 years. She's also the co-founder of Austin Free-Net, an internationally-recognized community computing non-profit organization. She is not married to Tom.


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