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VPchat members love to play games! We offer Spades, Acey Deucy, Backgammon, Yahtzee, Checkers, Chess, and Battleship. You can play in a league or with a friend. The best part of gaming on VPchat is that you can continue to chat in your favorite game room while you play your favorite game. So get ready gamers!
spades game board Spades NEW!
Spades was created in the United States in the 1930’s. Spades didn’t take the world by storm until the mid 1990’s when it became widely available on the Internet. So, catch the fever, grab some pals, and start a game. Remember if you get in trouble you can always go Blind Nil!
acey deucy game board Acey Deucy
Take your Backgammon game from 0 to 60 with Acey Deucy. Watch the tides turn on your opponent with the seemingly modest roll of a 1-2 combination. Pick your doubles and roll again!
backgammon game board Backgammon
Our members are CRAZY for Backgammon! A rich graphical interface animates dice and game pieces to add an element of reality to this ancient game. Up to 4 additional chatters can observe your game while you play.
battleship game board Battleship
Avast Ye Swabs! We’re going to battle. But this isn’t the Battleship of your misspent youth. It’s digital, so your brother can’t cheat when you get up to get a soda! Dude, you sunk my battleship.
checkers game board Checkers
Checkers is the NASCAR or WWF of board games. Watch the pieces you capture burst into flames as you stomp your opponent. So pass the beef jerky and open up a big ol’ RC cola and get started! Up to 4 additional chatters can watch as 2 play the game.
chess game board Chess
A game for kings, smart children and Russians. VPchat’s version offers some really cool special effects. Hear the sound of hoof beats and watch animated trapdoors open for captured pieces. Up to 4 chatters can watch the game as you stomp your opponent and take a break from your physics homework.
Who knew random dice throwing could be so much fun? Yahtzee is the perfect multi player game because 2, 3, or 4 chatters can play this classic dice game simultaneously. Game totals are cumulative, so you and your friends can create ongoing Yahtzee grudge matches. Come on, give me a 5—baby needs a new pair of shoes!
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