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Rules for Chess
Chess is one of the oldest games in the world. It is a game requiring great skill and intelligence - world champions have often pondered over moves for several days.

Joining the Game
The game will not begin until two players join.

The first player to join is designated the 'leader' and uses the white pieces. The second player uses the black pieces.

The leader decides which type of game will be played:

  • Regular - No time limit
  • Blitz - 5 minutes per move
  • Active - Half an hour per move
  • Rapid - An hour per move
  • Competition - One and a half hours for 30 moves, and an additional hour for twenty moves.
  • Custom - Time limit decided by players themselves

Each player's screen has a clock indicating how much time and how many moves they have left.

Movement of Pieces
During their turns, each player moves one piece at a time. When castling a player moves two pieces. In order to move a piece on the board, the player must use the mouse. The piece will be highlighted when the mouse clicks on it. After the piece has been chosen, the player must then choose the destination square.

If an illegal square is chosen, an 'error' sound effect will be triggered. The sound effect will be deactivated when the piece is chosen again. The cursor will change form when a legal destination square has been located.

When a legal destination square has been chosen, the piece will be moved automatically, and it will be the other player's turn.

When castling, a second piece is moved in addition to the first piece (the castling maneuver is executable by moving the King, or the Castle).

Taking Pieces
When selecting a square holding one of the opponent's pieces, an animation will be shown of the piece being taken. Following the animation, the selected piece will move to the vacated square.

Replacing Pawns
When a player's pawn reaches the other side of the board, the player can replace the pawn with another piece (Queen, Bishop, Horse or Rook). New pieces are chosen using the 'pop-up' window.

In games with time limits, there will be a clock displayed at all times in each player's screen. When it is the second player's turn, the clock will stop running for the first player and begin running for the second player.

Each player may make the following declarations during the course of the game:

  • "Surrender"
  • "Draw"

The declarations "Check" and "Mate" will appear automatically when a player takes his/her opponent's King, or when a player wins a game.

The declaration of "Mate" will also trigger sound FX and visual animation.

The declarations of one player will appear in the 'pop-up' window of the second player. The second player can either accept or reject declarations of "Surrender" or "Draw".

Conclusion of the Game
When the game has concluded, the leader must choose "New Game" in order to begin another game. The leader also has the option of starting a new game at any stage after the declaration of "Surrender" or "Draw".

Option Button
Players may stop/continue animations by pressing the Visual FX button.

Players may stop/continue voice effects by pressing the Sound FX button.

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