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Topic: Games
Question: How do I run a Tournament?

The brackets page is your home base for running a Tournament. If you plan to have players meet in a game room, you should run the Tournament from a separate browser.

Before a Tournament starts, the brackets page shows a list of current registrants. When all the slots are full, registration will automatically close. You can re-open registration if necessary, for example if someone needs to leave.

Click on Close Registration. The view will shift to brackets. The players are automatically seeded based on ratings. Closely matched players will play each other. You can change the seeding. You will not be able to change the seeding once the first round has begun. This is also your last chance to re-open registration.

Games started before you start a round will not count. Click the Start Round button. The seed numbers are now permanent. Players will receive a message letting them know that Round one has begun.

Click the yellow Refresh button to see the results of the games. Winners will be noted in the round one column, and their names will seed the round two column. When everyone has finished, click on End The Round. If you end the round before all players are finished, you'll have the opportunity to force a win. This is useful if a player has abandoned their game.

Click on Start Next Round. Continue to manually start and end rounds until your Tournament is complete. Players will receive messages showing game results, and noting the beginning and end of each round.

If you are running a Tournament with timed rounds, you'll need to start the first round, but after that the rounds will end and begin automatically.

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