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Topic: Downloading & Connecting
Question: How do I receive a file?

If someone sends you a small file, you'll see a special screen asking you if you want to accept it. Files can contain malicious programming - make sure you only accept files from people you know.
  1. Click on Identity to see the profile of the sender
  2. Choose preview to see a thumbnail of the file (this is particularly handy if it's an avatar or gesture.)
  3. To save the file, click Save As... and save the file to a directory on your computer
  4. You can also click Reject and the file will not be saved to your computer
If someone sends you a large file (over 127k) VPchat will initiate a peer to peer connection. At this point you can choose to connect or not. Connections will reveal your IP number. You may need to adjust your firewall or router settings. Please see routers and firewalls for more information.

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