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Topic: Downloading & Connecting
Question: How do I do a clean install of the VPchat client?

Move the following files/folders to your desktop before doing a clean install:
  • Your favorites - C:/Program Files/vplaces/vplaces.txt
  • Buddy List dat file -
    C:/Program Files/vplaces/trak/Yourvpname@bud.dat
  • Avatars - C:/Program Files/vplaces/exts/gallery
  • Gestures - C:/Program Files/vplaces/exts/gestures

  1. Close VPchat and Buddy List.
  2. Go to Control Panel/Add Remove Programs
  3. Highlight VPchat in the list
  4. Click Remove (Choose automatically if asked)
  5. Go to C:\Program Files\
  6. Delete the VPlaces folder.
  7. Reboot the computer and install VPchat
  8. Move the files back to where they belong.

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