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A Tour is a way for 2 or more people to surf the web together while chatting. The person who starts the tour picks the web pages to visit and everone else of the tour follows automatically.

You can participate in a Tour someone else has started or you can start your own. The chatter who starts the Tour navigates the tour vehicle from one chat room to another. Remember, any URL can be a chat room, so Tours can be used for group surfing.

To guide a Tour:

Your avatar will be "seated" in the top left corner of the tour avatar. Other chatters can drag their avatars onto it and join your tour. When you go to a different chat room or type in a different URL, everyone on your tour moves with you. A Tour tab will appear at the bottom of all tourists screens. Click on this tab to chat with others on the tour.

To join a Tour, click and drag your avatar onto the tour avatar.

To exit a Tour, click and drag your avatar off the tour avatar. To end a tour you have started, select the Guided Tours menu and click End Tour.

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