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Megaheads are basically large avatars. The Megahead program is designed to work with Halsoft VP Chat. You must have the VP program installed on your computer for the Megahead program to work.

First, download the Megahead program and install it on your computer. Launch Halsoft VP Chat.

The Megahead program lives in the Games menu. In fact, you launch it just like you would a game. Go to the Games menu and select "Start a Game..." Select "Halsoft Megahead" from the Game List and click "OK."

A dialog box will pop up offering you a few options. First is the game name - the default is <username's Megahead> but you can change it to anything you wish, as long as it's within community guidelines :)

Click OK. You'll see the Halsoft Megahead splash screen occupying the room background. The avatar you've currently chosen appears as a mega in the splash screen.

Look below the chat pane - you'll see a new tab. In addition to "Chat Room," and "What's Hot," there's also a "game" tab. If you were playing a game, you could chat with your game partner, but since this is a megahead, there's not much to do here. Click on the "Chat Room" tab to see your MegaHead in the room.

Graphics for use as megaheads must be 102x116 non-interlaced GIFs.

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