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My Activity Alerts

You can subscribe to any or all of the lists shown. Your information will remain private. Users sending alerts never see the actual members of the list. If you want your information to remain private, make sure you don't respond to alerts.

Online Notification
You can receive alerts via a chat IM or a tracker IM or both. It doesn't matter whether you're signed into the family or the adult community - you'll receive your alerts wherever you are.

Offline Notification
If you want to receive alerts even when you're not chatting, select one or both of these options.

If you want to receive email alerts, we strongly recommend you use an ISP email address (i.e., not a web-based email address such as Hotmail or Yahoo). If you use a web-based email address, make sure your spam filters aren't set too high, or your Alerts may not get through.

If you want to receive alerts on your cell phone but aren't sure what your email address is, try sending a text message to your regular email address and check the return address for your phone's email address.

Vacation Mode
If you plan to be away for a while, or temporarily don't want to receive email or phone messages about alerts, check this box. Offline alerts will stop until you uncheck it.

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