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Home Page Limits

Each user name can have up to 10 megabytes of free space for a home page. You can use this for any combination of HTML files, images, and so on.

Each time someone visits your page, our server sends data to their computer. There is a limit on the total number of bytes of data that our server will send. The limit is 2 gigabytes per month.

The dates which specify the beginning and end of a month depend on the date the web page was activated. For example, if you activate your page on May 29 then the data transfer counter will be reset on June 29, and so on.

Web Hits

Each time someone looks at one of your web page files, this counts as a Web Hit.

Bytes Transferred

Each Web Hit causes data to be sent to the person who is looking at the web page. The total data tranferred for all the Web Hits is counted as Bytes Transferred.

Note that a single web page may actually cause several Hits. For example, if your web page contains 3 GIF images then each time it is viewed counts as four hits (the HTML file and the three GIF images).

Page Views

Many people measure web page traffic using Page Views, which are different than Hits. In the above example, there would be one Page View and four Hits.

Data Cacheing

If a person looks at your web page several times, it's not necessary to send them all the images each time unless they have changed. Web browsers are smart about this, and keep copies of recently viewed images in a file called a Cache. In the above example, if a person looks at the page once then clicks the Reload button to see it again we will count eight hits but the bytes transferred will be much less for the second four since the images will be in the cache.

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