VPchat Guide Program

Vpchat Guide Program

VPchat Guides and MCs work to facilitate conversation and growth of our virtual community. They provide technical support to new chatters, promote healthy discussion and chat within established rooms, mediate contentious situations with minimal intervention and produce regular chat events for all to enjoy!

In our new community, the Guide Program will focus on two things: helping & welcoming chatters and running fun and interesting chat events. Both responsibilities are equally important. New chatters appreciate a warm welcome by our knowledgeable Chat Guides while experienced chatters will enjoy trivia and paint events or lively discussions led by our MCs. To avoid confusion, the "Guide-" prefix will be used for those welcoming and helping chatters and "MC-" will be used for those running events.

In order to provide the best experience for our community, all VPchat Guides are required to:

Chat Guides
Guides are the greeters of the community. They should project a helpful welcome to newer chatters and a warm welcome back to regulars. Guides will have a thorough knowledge of the Virtual Places software, excellent communication skills and infinite amounts of patience to spare! Guides will be specifically responsible for staffing the Welcome Room and Help Desk and answering remote calls about disruptive chatters. It's a big job, but most rewarding :-)

Chat MC
Pretty self-explanatory, MCs ("Maestro of Ceremonies") will produce fun events for the community like paint and trivia competitions and the extremely popular Poetry Cafe. Events will be approved by Community Management, have their own rooms and will be fully promoted on our web pages.

Interested? Apply now to be a guide!

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