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Why should I pay for chat?
Quite simply, you get what you pay for. And if you're going to pay for a service you have a right to expect better quality A free, open chat community simply cannot keep out the trouble makers. It's too easy for them to get back in after being thrown out, and it's too easy to cause trouble anonymously. A subscriber-based community can fix these problems. How? If someone gets thrown out for misbehavior and they need to pay for a new name to get back in, they'll think twice before doing something to get thrown out again. We refuse to accept new registrations from repeat offenders.

We've also added components to our software that give you protection from booters (people who enter the chat community using malicious software to kick others out) and tools for privacy, including permanent ignore.

Can I try it out first?
Of course. We offer a two week Free Trial for those of you who have never experienced VPchat. You'll see that it's a very unique, graphical interface — one that lends itself to a much more personalized chat experience. Download the free chat software now and join the fun!

Can I share an account with my friends?
You bet — and you can all be online at the same time. A basic account includes 2 chat names, and we also offer 5 and 10 name accounts. Need more names than that? Ask about our special rates for group accounts.

What's the difference between your family and adult service?
Choices! We realize that people have different ideas about what kinds of topics and language are acceptable in the chat rooms, so we offer two separate chat communities that are identical except for the rules. We use "adult" to mean "no kids" rather than pornography — that's not what we're about. One way to think of the difference is to compare a shopping mall and a nightclub. Both are public places but the way you behave, dress, and talk and the kinds of things you expect to see will be different. You are free to come and go as you please, and your VPchat membership includes access to both communitities.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards with MasterCard or Visa branding
  • eChecks (US residents only)
  • Paypal (send money to billing@halsoft.com)
  • Personal Checks (US residents only)
  • Money orders in US funds

Where can I send a payment?
Payments can be sent to:
Halsoft.com, Inc.
P.O. Box 26662
Austin, TX 78755-0662

Please be sure to include your account number with your payment.

Where can I download your software?
The VPchat program, megahead, and games are available at https://vpchat.com/download


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