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VPchat offers role-play chat, Gor chat, BDSM chat, vampire chat, online families, wolf packs, and even role-playing chat.

VPchat members are creative people! Conversations range from the topical to the completely absurd, but VPchat chatters don’t limit themselves to just the reality of today or set of relationship rules that most people accept without question. VPchat has vampire (vamp), BDSM, goth, and Gor chat rooms. Most of these rooms are on the Adult side of our service because the content is extremely sexual.


Gor is an imaginary world brought to life in a series of science fiction books published in the 1960’s. The author university professor, John Lange, used the pseudonym, John Norman. The backdrop for Gor is a savage counter-Earth, whose people can be likened to many ancient cultures of our own world’s past, predominantly those of the Greco-Roman age. Norman wrote a twenty-five volume “Saga of Gor,” that has sold well over 13 million copies. Gor is a world full of slaves, city-states, kings, freeman, and barbarians. Gor is more than a fictional world to its author and legions of fans. Gor is a way of life. So, bow down slave girls, it’s time to serve your man.


Did you know that vampires really do exist on the Internet? Yep, it’s true. There are sanguinarians, lifestylers, and donors, among others. Some people simply enjoy wearing the teeth others donate their actual blood for folks to snack on! Needless to say, there is a wide variety of interest and enthusiasts on the Internet. VPchat’s crack team of Internet researchers found several groups of vampires on member pages within the site. There’s a hierarchy of players and different member pages have different rules of engagement. It is important to no whether you’re the hunter or prey and how far everyone will go to subdue, kill, or de-sanguinate a newcomer. So, whether you are a garlic scented voyeur or a hapless virgin in a v-neck, vampires exist and they’re out to get us all!

Wolf Packs

Wolf Packs are groups of people online that use the traits, behaviors, and rules of the pack to run their VPchat member pages. Many pages have an alpha pair that make the rules, run the meetings, and approve or deny “mating”. Online wolf packs are known for their loyalty and adherence to the rules of the pack. Many packs serve as online families for their members, and some packs demand that the needs of the online family come before actual or “real” families. Wolves have a playful side to and many VPchat wolf packs also enjoy backgammon, yahtzee, and battleship.

Role Playing

You know, you get to be you everyday! The great thing about VPchat is that you can construct, create, and embellish the best parts of your personality or simply make up a new one. In fact, members of VPchat often have more than one personality that they use on the site. What these members are doing is role-playing. Plenty of responsible adults slip the bonds of their everyday lives to play with their friends online. The most popular role-playing on VPchat are groups of online families. Chatters get married, divorced, have families, and raise “children” …all online. Many people create kingdoms and fancy themselves of royal descent, other folks choose to be tall, blonde, and unbearably beautiful, shy people turn into extroverts, and loud people become introverts. Role-playing online gives our members a chance to go beyond what they know themselves to be, to try on new and different identities, and to do it in a way that is removed from their everyday lives.


Some VPchat members enjoy submitting to another person, placing themselves under the power of another, in an online sexual context. It can be a very hot thing for someone to say to you, "I'm yours. Use my body for your pleasure." This is BSDM; one person is dominating, the other submitting. Slave/master, harem girl/sultan, boy/daddy, student/schoolmistress. D&S is an erotic power game, where both people are getting off--one on the thrill of controlling, the other on the thrill of being controlled. This is also where the terms "top" and "bottom" come in; the top is, roughly, the dominant; the bottom is, roughly, the submissive.

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