VP Chat  
Try VPchat for Free! Ladders and Tournaments

VPchat chat offers chat leagues, chat tournaments, brackets, single elimination, double elimination, chat games, and tournament director features to optimize competitive game playing on the VPchat site.

Any member can strike up a game against chatter at any time. To add to the fun, VPchat uses game ladders to rank players. The better a member plays the higher their rank. Further, if you play and beat a higher ranked player, you move up the ladder. If you lose, you fall back a rung on the ladder.

Game ladders encourage their players to compete in tournaments. Tournaments can be single elimination, double elimination, round robin, or Swiss rules. The ladder owner can assign privileges to a Tournament Director (TD) to help with scheduling and the management of rounds and ties. VPchat tournaments are extremely customizable. TD’s can end rounds manually or conduct timed rounds. Timed rounds can last from 5 minuets to 365 days. So, if your group can’t get together at the same time, VPchat tournaments will accommodate players’ busy schedules. Most game sites do not offer game ladders and tournaments.

VPchat has made it extremely easy for game enthusiasts to chat while competing in individual tournaments or concentrate on their game ladder ranking.

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