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Adding a Name

You must be the primary account holder to add a name. Click on the "Account Info" button at the top of the page. Sign in. Select "Add a new name" from the left column. The add name page will tell you how many names you've used and how many names are available for use with your account. If you have one or more names available, type the new member name in the box, and click the "add name" button. If the name you choose is unavailable, you'll have the opportunity to try again. After you've chosen a name that's available, you'll see a screen showing the new name and that name's email. You'll also receive an email with the password for that member name so you can keep it on file. The email will be sent to the same address you used when you signed up. If you're adding a name for someone else, it will be up to you to make sure they get their password. The new member name may be used immediately.

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