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VPchat offers its members a variety of graphics rich games, tournaments, game ladders, leagues, and chat rooms. VPchat members can play Acey Deucy, Backgammon, Battleship, Checkers, Chess, Spades, and Yahtzee. Members may also choose to play games on other sites while still chatting on the VPchat site.

People have been playing games since Quetzequatl threw the first sacrificed head onto the field at Teotihuacán and said, “Go get it, boys.” Since then, the games we play have gotten a tad less confrontational. Now chess players can find a game at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world. Spades fanatics need not drive over to their friend’s house to pass the time on a Friday night. Online gaming and chatting are an absolute favorite pastime of personal computer users.

At VPchat, no matter what chat room you find yourself in, you can probably find someone interested in playing a game. Whether your friends hang out in a paint shop or an online radio page, you can still challenge someone to a quick game of Checkers or Yahtzee.

> Life is serious enough, it’s important to find the right place to take a break and play a friendly game.

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