Chat Games

Getting Started

To install a game:

  1. Double click the icon or name of the file that you downloaded.
  2. In the Welcome dialog box, click install.

Starting a game:

  1. From the Games menu in Virtual Places, choose Start a Game.
    OR Right click your avatar and choose Start a Game.
    The Games list appears.
  2. From the Games list, select the game.
  3. Click OK.
    The Game Details dialog box appears.
  4. Change settings where relevant.
  5. Click OK.
    A Game tab opens in the chat viewer with your avatar in it. You play the game here. Also, the game appears in miniature at the original Place with your avatar on it. When others join your game, their avatars will appear in the Game tab and in the game di splay at the Place.

Joining a game:

In addition to starting your own game, you can join a game that someone else started.

Leaving a game:

If you don't want to continue playing a game that you joined, you can leave at any time.

Ending a game:

If you started a game, and you no longer want to play, you can end the game at any time.

Have fun!

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