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Games: Checkers Game Rules

The rules of Checkers vary according to different customs. Therefore, the game leader may determine the set of rules to be used. The set of rules may be chosen or changed by clicking on the "Rules" option in the 'pop-up' menu and indicating which set of rules wish to be followed.

After the leader changes the rules, the new set of rules will be displayed for the second player.

Adjustable Rules
The following rules are flexible:

  • Pawn (regular piece) is able to move backwards Yes/No
  • Pawn (regular piece) can take another piece by moving backward Yes/No
  • The King can move a number of squares at a time Yes/No

Fixed Rules
In addition, there are a number of rules that cannot be changed:

  • The King can move/take pieces backwards

  • Pawn/King can take a number of pieces in one movement

  • A player must take the opponent's piece when in a position to do so. This rule also applies to multiple moves. The computer will not allow the player to make another move until this has been completed. After crowning (replacing a Pawn with a King), a player is not permitted to continue a multiple move.

    Joining a Game
    A game will not begin until two participants have joined.

    The first player to join the game is designated the 'leader' and uses the black pieces. The second player uses the white pieces. The black player starts the game.

    Moving Pieces
    During their turn, each player moves one piece at a time. In order to move a piece on the board, the player must choose a piece using the mouse. The piece will be highlighted when the mouse clicks on it. After the piece has been chosen, the player must then choose the destination square.

    If an illegal square is chosen, an 'error' sound effect will be triggered.

    The sound effect will be deactivated when the piece has been chosen again. The cursor will change form when a legal destination square has been located.

    Taking Pieces
    In order for an opponent to be defeated, the player must take the opponent's pieces. When a player takes the piece of an opponent, there will be an animation of the player's piece 'jumping' onto the opponent's piece. The opponent's piece will be in 'death-throes'.

    Replacing a Pawn with a King (Crowning)
    When one player's pawn successfully reaches the other side of the board, the pawn is replaced by the opponent's King.

    Concluding the Game
    When a player wins a game, there will be a animation signifying the player's victory. At the conclusion of a game, the leader must choose 'New Game' to begin a new game. The leader also has the option of starting a new game at any stage of play.

    Option Button
    Players may stop/continue animations by pressing the Visual FX button.

    Players may stop/continue voice effects by pressing the Sound FX button

    Each player may make the following declarations during the course of the game:

    • "Surrender"
    • "Draw"

    The declarations of one player will appear in the 'pop-up' window of the second player. The second player has the option of either accepting or rejecting these declarations.

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