How are you offering a higher quality service?

In addition to eliminating ads, we will offer a safer, family-friendly community.

The vast majority of chatters are decent people who just want to have fun, but chat rooms in general have an unsavory reputation - we've all heard stories of pedophiles, perverts, stalkers, and assorted troublemakers. Sadly, that element does exist, even though they are a small minority. And that small minority can ruin the chat experience for everyone else.

A free, open Internet community simply cannot keep out the trouble makers. It's too easy for troublemakers to get back in after being thrown out, and it's too easy to cause trouble anonymously.

A subscriber-based community can fix these problems. How? If someone gets thrown out for misbehavior and they need to pay for a new name to get back in, they'll think twice before doing something to get thrown out again. We refuse to accept new registrations from repeat offenders.

If you are familiar with VP already, you can read more details.