How do the Family and Adult communities work?

Most chatters fall into one of two groups.

One group is interested in meeting new people, chatting with friends, playing games, and attending organized events.The other group wants to say what they want without restrictions on words or pictures. These two groups simply don't mix, but each is too big to ignore.

So how do we handle this? With two separate communities, Family and Adult.

The Family community will have rules for acceptable behavior designed to make it family-safe and free of undesirable "adult" content. We'll monitor this community closely.

The Adult community will be much less restrictive. We mean "Adult" in the sense of a bar or nightclub, not necessarily XXX, though that will likely be present. The Adult community is intended for responsible adult members who don't want or need a lot of rules and restrictions. However, it won't be "anything goes." Illegal activity is strictly off limits, as are offensive activites such as harassment or stalking.

If you're the account owner, you can restrict access to certain member names on your account. This means that if your kids have member names, you can make sure they can't enter the adult community.

People in one community cannot Locate or send IMs to people in the other community, so the two groups are completely separate. For family accounts, parents will be able to specify which names can be used exclusively in the Family community.

Your membership entitles you to use either (or both, at different times) community for a single price. Your basic membership includes two names, so if you decide to use both communities you can have a different identity in each.