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VPchat is 100% dedicated to the prevention on cybercrime and takes special care to educate its members regarding online privacy, chat security, chat safety, parental control, personal information, private rooms, sharing pictures, Terms of Service, and posers.

Chat rooms can feel friendly, anonymous, and very informal. People may speak more freely about their thoughts and feelings in a chat room than they ever would to someone they see everyday. While it is wonderful that people can share so much so easily with all kinds of different people, it is important to remember that not everyone that chats has your best interest in mind. Donít be fooled by friendly strangers.

The best way to protect your privacy online is to never share you personal information with another chatter. Anything from your last name, to pictures of you home, or your social security number can all too easily be used to locate you. Even if youíre chatting in a room with folks that share your interests, zip code, or age it is still important to keep the exchange of personal information to an absolute minimum.

Another good strategy to protect yourself from cyber crime and identity theft is to limit the pictures you share with other people. While itís great to be able to send your parents the first pictures of your new baby, you might not want the rest of the world looking at your child. You have to assume that the rest of the world is looking. Further, if you have met your romantic match online, consider carefully what type of image you might like to send them via the Internet. If the relationship sours, would you be embarrassed if the picture you sent to this person found its way onto the Internet? You have to assume that your picture will not be kept private.

A final point of online chat safety is to remember that nothing you say or do is truly private. For example, VPchat offers its members private rooms for conversations and activities that are conducted away from prying eyes. While we are happy to provide this feature and lots of people use and enjoy it, we strongly recommend that people understand that there is nothing truly private on the Internet.

With all this information in mind, please understand that chatting is a really great way to connect with people. VPchat takes our members safety and fun seriously. We want to make sure you have a really terrific chat experience.

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