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VPchat offers chat rooms, leagues, ladders and tournaments dedicated to the game Battleship.

Battleship was released in the United States in 1967. In the beginning, this game was a paper and pencil guessing game between two people. Battleship was played on two square grids identified by number and letter. Each player had to guess where the other player’s ships were located in the grid. The next great leap in Battleship technology occurred with the release of a flip-top game board. Each player received their own console where they kept track of both the strategic placement of battleships and the campaign against their opponent. Battleship can now be found on the Internet! VPchat’s version of Battleship includes fantastic graphics and sound effects. Now when you call out, “Hey, you sunk my battleship,” your forlorn cry is accompanied by a boat sinking in the great, blue ocean followed by a big ‘SPLOOSH’.

Many game sites offer Battleship as well as tournaments, game ladders, and chat. Battleship can now be a tournament game among like-minded strategists, and the best part is the person you’re playing with can’t sneak a peek at your ship placement when you go to the kitchen to get a soda.

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