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VPchat offers chat rooms, ladders, tournaments and leagues dedicated to one of the internetís most popular games, backgammon.

If you are a fan of backgammon, you are among millions of people all through history and all over the world that have rolled the bones and moved the stones.

The internet has brought together Backgammon players from round the world. Backgammon is one of the most popular online games. Many game sites offer Backgammon, tournaments, and ladders and chat to their members. VPchat offers its members chat rooms dedicated to the game of Backgammon. Whether youíre a beginner or a Backgammon superstar, three are plenty of games, ladders, and tournaments dedicated to you.

Backgammon has its roots in several games that were terribly popular when there were Pharaohs in Egypt, Dynasties in China, and Japan was ruled by an Empress. In the early seventeenth century, backgammon evolved into the game fans are familiar with today.

While the rules of Backgammon have remained the same for centuries, different countries have giving their own names to this classic game. If youíre p layi9ng in Germany, youíre playing Puff. In France, Backgammon is known as Tric-Trac. Finally, in Italy, youíre playing Tavole Reale.

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