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VPchat offers adult chat and many members engage in webcam exchanges, video chat, cheating, sex chat, consensual cybersex in private rooms, and many members are married but flirting.

The best way to explain the definition of Adult Chat is to compare it to Family Chat. VPchat offers its members access to a variety of chat rooms. All rooms are broken down into two basic categories: Adult and Family.

Adult chat is a lot like a nightclub with a fancy hotel upstairs. You definitely need to be above 18 to get in, the topic of conversation might be very personal in nature, and the scene is fairly unrestricted. Adults are likely to get up to all kinds of activities including cybersex and role-playing.

Family chat, on the other hand, is more like a coffee shop connected to a family restaurant. The conversation is more genteel. Racy language or behavior is not appropriate. People of all ages and interests meet for platonic online chat, games, and avatar painting.

Family chat is jeans and t-shirts while Adult chat is mini skirts and high heels—for anyone! You can let your hair down in both places, just make sure you have the right clothes on underneath! ;)

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