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VPchat offers games and chat rooms dedicated to Acey Deucy a popular version of Backgammon. VPchat members can also sign up to lead or join game ladders and participate in tournaments.

Acey Deucy is a fun and fast-paces variation of backgammon. If you ‘re playing Acey Deucy, you are joining a long line of human beings that like to roll the bones and move the stones. According to VPchat’s Internet research, Acey Deucy is known by many names including Russian Backgammon, German Backgammon, and finally from the United States Armed Services Navy Backgammon.

While most of the rules to Acey are exactly the same as backgammon, there are a few key differences. The game begins with no stones on the board. A player may move any stone they desire at any time, whether or not there are other stones to bring onto the board. In addition, the roll of a 1-2 – acey-deucy – is an especially valuable roll!

Many game sites offer their members Acey Deucy. VPchat sweetens the deal by offering chat, game tournaments, and a free trial period with no strings attached.

Just think of it, if you ever find yourself stranded with a bunch of Russians, Germans, or sailors from the U.S. Navy, you’ll have THE perfect ice breaker. Challenge them to a game of Acey Deucy!

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